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360 Degrees Travel has an experienced team of consultants. We aren’t just passionate about helping clients set sail. We’re also avid globetrotters ourselves.

Our Founder

Ramon Geldenhuys

Ramon-GeldenhuysRamon Geldenhuys is more than the face and the voice of 360 Degrees Travel, he was practically raised on intercontinental flights, had his nursery in alpine ski resorts and graduated from the University of Global Travel, cum laude. Ramon cut his teeth in the Contiki fold where he cultivated his love of adventure, his passion for people and his irrepressible sense of delivering great service while having fun doing so. Not content to be one of the youngest tour leaders for Contiki, Ramon returned to South Africa and founded one of the country’s most well respected and innovative travel brands: Seekers Travel. Together with his brother Ramon grew this business to the point that it was purchased by the Tourvest Group of companies. Ramon revelled in the challenges that working with a global brand offered and excelled in creating channels for advancement, but the fire which really burns within him is to run a “hands-on” business, which is what inspired him to create 360 Degrees Travel.

Ramon’s mantra is that people like dealing with people, and that travel planning should be a conversation held between a traveller and a dedicated professional travel management consultant. He is relentless in his desire to deliver unparalleled service while being mindful of budgets, and is unwavering in his commitment that his word is his honour. You can count on Ramon, if he says he will do something – he will. Fullstop. 360 Degrees Travel is driven by this code, and Ramon is there to ensure that it does.

Maggie Mareletse - Director

Magdeline Mareletse (Maggie) is the founder of Bataung Events. Maggie is a seasoned entrepreneurial veteran with over 18 years’ experience in the fields of event-venue management and public relations. During her career, Maggie has distinguished herself as an active industry participant and leader, and is a former member of the Business Women’s Association. Maggie sat on the board of the International Delphic Council of South Africa (Art Olympic), and director of Quartermaster, an advertising and marketing agency.

Maggie is proud to have played a strategic role in the Vodacom brand and enriched the building of their subscriber base. Her key roles include the development of lobbying, networking and sponsorships. This visionary was a director of Expo SA 2020, promoting a World Expo Bid for South Africa in 2020. An avid traveller, Maggie was a natural fit to the 360 Degrees Travel team, and works with our clients to create spectacular gala dinners, awards celebrations and golf days, she lends her talent and her creativity to conferences and seminars and guides the team through the challenges of eventing in a corporate space.

Stephanie Schonfeldt

Stephanie has recently joined our 360 Degrees Travel team, born with the passion for travel, from island living in the Seychelles to a leisure boffin and dedicating herself to all things Club Med whether its ripping up the slopes or relaxing on some of the best beaches in the world.

Stephanie attended her college practical in the Seychelles. She worked for Pentravel for 5 years and furthered her career at Club Med for 3 years. She is very dedicated and passionate about every aspect of the travel industry. Her adventurous spirit has lead her to climbing the Great Wall of China, fire dancing in Bali and a couple of tumbles in the snow.

Stephanie is also our dedicated consultant for the Standard Bank Project for their Wealth and Investment clients.

Amanda Pieterse

Dynamic and focused, Amanda brings insights into sourcing and contracting to the 360 Degrees Travel team. She has managed a number of corporate travel management companies, but enjoys the more vibrant and informal business ethic which are foundations for 360 Degrees Travel. Amanda faces challenges head on and will circumnavigate the globe to find the best deals for her clients, she is tenacious and forthright, these are the skills which make Amanda one of the most respected corporate and leisure consultants in the marketplace.

Bridget Esterhuizen

Bridget is an “Island Girl” at heart! She believes that Sand, Sun, Relaxation – three of life’s promises nobody should live without. Pick an island, Bridget has been there, knows someone who has, has a ticket in her back pocket with her name on it as she sets off to discover it. Planning a trip to an island, no matter how remote and small or large and impressive can be daunting – fear no more, your bookings are in the right hands. Before committing herself to paradise holiday planning Bridget spent many years working in the corporate space in roles including Key Account Management and Operations Management, promise, plan, deliver – on time and on budget.

Candice Seach

After studying at Nelson Mandela Bay University her flighty feet took her to the vibrant city of London where she spent 8 years travelling around the UK and Europe. 8 years on, Candice returned to South Africa and took a position as an operations and junior program manager in the group travel division of a well-known travel agency. Candice joined the 360 Degrees Travel team in 2007 and has not looked back since.

Candice’s love of travel and people made her the perfect person to head up our MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences and events). She is also the design guru at 360 Degrees Travel and creates amazing themed artwork for each group destination. Her personal touch and creative out the box ideas ensures each experience is one to be remembered and spoken about for years after. She takes her work personally and is never limited to creativity in one area. Candice is always eager to assist with any enquiry or request.

Corne van Schalkwyk

Corne has a unique ability to understand corporate budgets, protocols, SLA’s and loyalty agreements and to merge these with an intelligent understanding of the correlation of time, money and expediency in the corporate world. Her pedigree includes being Operations Manager for a number of In House travel agencies (simultaneously) and a string management positions for well-respected travel brands in the Gauteng area.

Corne returned to full-time consulting for a successful in-house operation and then moved to 360 Degrees because the idea of working with a dynamic team appealed to her.

Hilke Desmarais

No stranger to hard work and long hours, Hilke has gained experience a multitude of facets of the travel industry, to the point that she owned her own travel company, but in her words, “unless you are Bruce Springsteen – being the boss isn’t much fun”! Corporate travel benefited from 20 years of Hilke’s professionalism, but as her portfolio increased Hilke found herself removed more and more from the client centric experience she is so good at, and elected to refocus on delivering exceptional travel.

Kylie Andrews

Kylie is no newcomer to the pressures of corporate travel. Having established herself as a Business travel specialist, Kylie managed two in-house agencies and gained experience in all aspects of domestic and international travel. She has developed a keen sense of perspective with the alignment of budgets, concepts and itinerary planning, and is well positioned to assist clients with high impact precision corporate travel, and relaxed well planned leisure trips.

Lesley Edmonds

Packing for Perth – but didn’t mean Australia? Lesley is attuned to the pleasure of planning group trips to the UK based on many years’ experience with Lion World Travel. How long, how far, how much … facts at her fingertips, if travel to the UK and Europe are on your radar, settle back with a cup of tea and chat to Lesley, probably nobody knows more than she does. An impressive resume including Cummings Travel and the Tourvest group culminates with Lesley finding her niche with Ramon and the 360 Degrees Travel team.

Loren Nogueira

Ramon and Loren have worked together during the past 25 years to create and execute thousands of incredible holiday trips and many more high level corporate trips, both domestic and international. Loren is a highly motivated independent worker who lost her watch many years ago – time does not define the commitments she makes to her clients, and she will work, quite literally around the clock to deliver on a travel promise.

Lynn Stevens

Lynn has dedicated the better part of her corporate travel management career to the analysis of risk in the market. Risk in contract management, risk in cost saving, compliance and international protocols. The value that this experience, together with her superb understanding of travel management gained from overseeing seven In-House branches makes Lynn pivotal to the 360 Degrees Travel team.

Blair Shelver

Blair is one of our esteemed corporate consultants and will always go out of her way to give the best service and advice to her clients.

Blair has managed in-houses and corporate accounts for over 16 years and loves to build long lasting relationships with her clients. She is also known as the Google Queen, and if someone needs to know something she will make sure she finds it… one way or another! Blair works well under pressure and is always up for a challenge.

Meagan Snuggs

Meagan started off her long-time career in travel as a receptionist, it was there that she learned the ropes of travel and have kept on growing and learning, to say that you learn something new every day is very valid in her case.

Ramon and Meagan have worked together over the past 22 years. Meagan recently joined the 360 Degrees Team after working in house for a JSE corporate listed company running their travel office. To be a part of a team environment has also given Meagan the opportunity to share her knowledge and to gain knowledge from my other colleagues, because at the end of the day Knowledge is Power.

Meagan has learnt the great art of multitasking and does not shy away from hard work or long hours.

Kerri Rogers

Kerri has been in the corporate world for over 20 years and successfully ran the Dimension Data in-house with a team of 12 consultants always going the extra mile to satisfy her clients.

Kerri was looking for a new and exciting challenge and was asked to be the dedicated Standard Bank Project for their Wealth and Investment clients.

Outgoing and reliable with a great sense of humour she has taken like a duck to water at 360 Degrees Travel. Kerri has great business etiquette with attention to detail and is passionate about her work and family.