LEISURE - Ensuring your holiday dreams come true


When planning a holiday, you might consider going to places with unusual foods, blow-your-socks-off theme parks, or incredible museums. Maybe you’ll dream of a hideaway island like the secluded beaches of Bora Bora or the romantic Ile Saint-Louis in Paris - destinations you could contemplate staying in forever. But… do any of these once-in-a-lifetime places suit your pocket?

The cost of convenience

Unless you’re Bill Gates, budget can be a big concern when planning a leisure getaway. Some travellers believe that booking your own holiday online is the quick way to shave extra spend – but our experience shows that financial expenses may not be the only costs in this equation.

Consider this: When you book online, you are the travel consultant and the traveller. This means that, should your hotel manager turn out to be a nudist flasher, or should your cute and ‘cozy’ B ‘n B turn out to be the dingy underground lair of a mad eccentric, there will be no dedicated consultant on hand to assist you with finding an affordable Plan B – fast!

Service: the ultimate value

Travel can be a complicated industry and it's easy to make mistakes. Thanks to our valued service principles and respectful relationships with leading preferred suppliers (hotels, car rental companies, airlines, tour operators, etc.), our Senior Travel Consultants can secure you good prices on any emergency Plan B.

(But, with 360 Degrees Travel, you won’t need a Plan B. We’ll always keep you safe, sound, and loving every minute of Plan A.)

360-degree pricing – for you

We don't want to lose your business based on price. In fact, we want to win it with the best service and travel knowledge. We’ll even go so far as to say that, when booking with us, you’ll see that competitive pricing as important as providing support and informed travel suggestions.

Even so, if you come across a more competitive quote somewhere else, please inform us. At 360 Degrees Travel we strive to keep our pencils sharpened and may well be able to find creative ways of working added discounts into your leisure travel budget.

Call 360 Degrees Recreation and Leisure Travel Consulting Department on 087 740 3266 and hear some of our extraordinary holiday suggestions. We guarantee you exceptional service, diverse destinations, and prices to suit your budget. This will be the start of a great friendship. We promise.

Best Value Bookings and Service

Whether you book direct with a tour operator or us you get the same price, the 360 Degrees difference is we give you options and comparisons.