WHY 360? - Where professional means personal


Personal. Customised. Experienced.

Marketing trends are showcasing what we have always known - now an airline sells more than just a seat, they sell and experience and a brand, this is no revelation to 360 Degrees Travel. We have always worked towards a customised travel experience where each element of the final offering is carefully considered, aligned to our customers’ needs and invested with insights and experience.

The “Internet of Things” and augmented and virtual reality offerings have never been as prolific as they are today, and travellers consequently face a daunting amount of choice, it is 360 Degrees Travel vision to interpret the plethora of offerings and match the experiences most desired by our clients. Technology is an acknowledged fantastic research tool, but not every picture tells a 1000 truthful words, and that is why 360 Degrees Travel has invested heavily in quality team members who are sufficiently experienced to offer bespoke solutions to travellers.

Comparing Prices - Please do!

360 Degrees Travel has built a reputation on the focus of delivering well priced, high delivery travel related services. We have always, and will continue to offer comparative costs to our clients, we do this because we want our clients to know that “First Price” is not necessarily “First PRIZE”! We also know that sometimes or clients prefer to pay a little more for convenience, and we want that to be their choice.

At 360 Degrees Travel travel, while prices may be up for comparison, we never negotiate on service, this is always our First Prize to our clients.

Travel Management Services

We are a company that specialises with SME clients and since our inception over 10 years ago, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have not lost a client. Our team is extremely experienced with our least qualified consultant having 15 years in the travel industry. The reason for our success is that we decided to go “back to basics” and this is giving our clients the best level of service and attention at all times. Our team share in the profit of this business and this in turn drives the correct behaviour.

Each consultant in the office is responsible for their own clients in its entirety whether you have a booking or accounts query. Our team all have laptops and 3G cards and are available for emergencies after hours. You would not be dealing with a call centre who does not understand your business, you would be speaking to your dedicated consultant. We offer a VIP Concierge service to the Management and Executive team of our corporate clients where we ensure that your trip is completely seamless.