GROUPS - Not just where you are, but why too


360 Degrees Travel prides itself in tailoring the top groups, incentives and conference consulting packages.

Incentives: Rewards with reach

The best employees are company champions. And they should be rewarded for it. We know that travel experiences can be valuable incentives: we’re a team of globetrotters, earth trekkers and world-hoppers that believe in the power of a journey.

Each of 360 Degrees Travel’s outstanding event managers has a strong business and brand management background, to ensure that your incentive programme aligns with your business objectives and gets maximum return on investment.

Once we know your objectives (the behaviour/results you want to drive), we unpack what you’d like to measure (sales, quality, safety) in line with your budget.

Then, we handle:

  • Presenting destination options and creating itineraries
  • Campaign development, design, writing and layout
  • The production and packaging of promotional items
  • Interactive direct mail and other forms of distribution
  • Programme management, administration & reporting
  • Fulfillment, including delivery of awards to winners
  • Evaluation (award delivery, participant satisfaction, vendor performance)
  • 24-hour support

Groups: Travel by numbers

From daring adventures to island escapes, 360 Degrees team members have experienced a variety of journey types and use our experiences to create fully customised itineraries for groups of any size with themes of any kind.

Conferences: Gathering like minds

To plan a successful conference, we pay special attention to the itinerary. Location, activities and content mean nothing without a well-designed programme. Because our team has so much experience, we know how to ensure an event runs smoothly.

We’ll handle your:

  • Location selection
  • Hotel and conference centre bookings
  • Staff provision
  • Groups co-ordination
  • Activity planning