WHY 360? - Where professional means personal

Where professional means personal


TEAM - A team passionate about travel - your travel

A team passionate about travel - your travel


CORPORATE - Your private-banking-type travel service

Your private-banking-type travel service


LEISURE - Ensuring your holiday dreams come true

Ensuring your holiday dreams come true


GROUPS - Not just where you are, but why too

Not just where you are, but why too


TURNKEY - Conference and Event Management

Conference and Event Management


CLUB MED - Dedicated in-house specialist

Dedicated in-house specialist


SPECIALS - Saving you money for the sweeter things

Saving you money for the sweeter things


COMPARING PRICES - Prices to match and service to exceed

Prices to match and service to exceed



360 Degrees Travel has established its industry reputation based on a legacy of delivering exceptional service and competitive pricing to corporate clients over a period of 10 years. Our client base includes mega multinational brands as well as hands on local start-up companies, and we value their business equally, 360 Degrees Travel is a solutions driven Travel Management Company with a quest to consistently provide quality service and products aligned to our client’s procurement and other policies.

Centre of the System

In as much as the earth revolves around the sun, we like to believe that our services revolve around our clients. No “one size fits all”, No “this is a great deal but it takes 5 days to get there”, No “… but this is the way we always do it”! Simply, staying the course to ensure that our clients get more than they expected, at the price we agreed, in the timeframe we promised.

Why 360 Degrees Travel?

The Travel Management tools offered by 360 Degrees Travel are based on human interaction. The technology we use to support our relationship and service delivery to our client is designed to support, report and deliver information behind the scenes. We operate in real time, not in virtual reality – we employ people not robots, answer our phones when they ring, and deliver documents with a smile not via delivery drones. We offer “people-ology” solutions – people powered by technology in pursuit of service excellence.

360 Degrees Travel has entrenched relationships with hotels, resorts and airlines, which means that we are able to translate travel dreams into realities. The leisure “Dream Team” at 360 Degrees Travel have spent years travelling the globe collecting information, stories and experiences to enrich your holiday, and are perfectly positioned to help our clients navigate the quagmire of options presented via various platforms. We understand the rhetoric, “your choice of city view or harbour view” could mean anything from “reach out and introduce yourself to the apartment across the way/ hope you like the view of the brickwork of the adjacent building” to “same size room with same conveniences with exceptional views across a magnificent harbour for three times the price” – 360 Degrees Travel will explain! Remote should not mean “in a forgotten corner of the country” and equally centrally located should not mean “located above the taxi rank”.   It is our mission to work with our clients to create holidays with lasting memories for all the right reasons!

Service and Price – should never be divisible

We never want to lose business based on price, but we never want to compromise service. Comparing prices creates healthy competition, and 360 Degrees Travel will do everything possible to match, if not better written quotes you may have received from other industry experts. We do however, also trust that our clients will trust us when we sometimes have to explain why their initial choice may not be their best choice – based on experience, insight and professionalism. Taking a package holiday based on photographs of the one refurbished room in a 1000 room hotel in downtown “Distasterville” does not bode well – and 360 Degrees Travel will provide travellers with options based on price, location and experience. Trust is hard earned, easy to lose and a foundation of our business, we are committed to matching your budget to a technicoloured holiday dream, and if we can’t, we will work tirelessly to offer our clients reputable options. It’s what drives us, motivates and defines us. 360 Degrees Travel will work with you to stop chasing the dream and start living it.

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